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All My Children

It’s been such a good week. Exhausting, but so much fun. We had 5 camp counselors to come down to conduct a day camp at our church. They provided a top-notch program for our kids and we provided housing, meals, support, and entertainment for the counselors. Tuesday night the kids and I strolled downtown with them, popping in and out of stores and of course eating ice cream. Anna and the 5 counselors hit it off great. Gus and Mia loved the attention from the cool big kids. And me? Well, I felt like the lucky mama of 8 super-special kids. If you look closely below, you can see all 8 of them. (Note: Gus is riding piggyback on one counselor’s back.)

downtown kids

We popped into the Life is Good store, where Mia tried to imitate her newest buddy.


Not to be outdone . . .


We walked to Waterfront Park where we all played games and sang songs (mostly oblivious to the reactions of others), waded in the fountain, and held foot races.

Wednesday night we walked (and walked, and walked) on the beach and played in tidal pools.

Thursday night we went out to eat and then harassed Anna at work.

Day camp was over yesterday. Our counselors had to leave us. (That makes me feel sad.) This week of 12-14 hour days came to an end. (That makes me feel relieved.)

The kids and I were only home to sleep and grab breakfast on the run all week long. Last night I took them out to eat. It seemed like a good option, since the pantry was bare and the dishes stacked in the dishwasher were still dirty. My introvert self had reached its limits of people interaction. It seemed to me that everything at the restaurant was painfully loud, from the Mexican music blaring through the speakers to the table of too many beers behind us. My ears literally ached. I assumed it was the beginning of the “shut down” so typical for me when I need quiet time. Unfortunately, both ears are still hurting and sensitive to sound today. Not sure what’s going on with that.

Except for a trip to buy a baby shower gift, I’ve been holed up in my bedroom sleeping, writing my sermon, and recovering. Even the kids seem content to be low-key today. Rest is a good, good thing.


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One thought on “All My Children

  1. Resting quietly after a good busy week os delightful! Enjoy!

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