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Stopside Down

This week, my schedule ran me rather than me running my schedule. A presbytery project that I thought would be completed over a couple of weeks had to be finished in 48 hours. In other words, I gave 8-10 hours to something that I’d scheduled 2 hours for this week.

Today, summer break begins for my children. Now we begin the day camp/VBS/go with mommy to work routine. It will be fun, but challenging. Routine is a friend of parenting. In the summer, routine is nonexistent.

I realized yesterday afternoon that I’m less than halfway into a schedule that has me at the church for 11 consecutive days. I love my church, but that seems a bit excessive.

I’m 11 days away from the official start of my intensive writing project. I still haven’t settled on a project. So many ideas are flying around in my head, but none of them will settle long enough for me to capture them.

I’m in the midst of a vivid dream run. Several of the dreams have been nightmares. I’m fascinated by dreams and tend to think that they show up with this intensity when my brain fails to take in what it needs to know by daylight. I can’t figure out what it is I’m missing. I am so tired.

My schedule, my body, my brain are so jumbled up that I’m no longer sure which way is up. Vacation, where are you?


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One thought on “Stopside Down

  1. There's no point in fighting the rapids. Turn downstream, swim hard but watch for rocks. They can bash your head in or they can provide an opportunity to grab hold to something big so you can catch your breath. The pool waits just downstream.

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