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Friday Five: Summer Reruns

1. To Kill a Mockingbird: I love this book and the movie too. I read it first as a high school student. I read it several years running back in my teaching days. I loved introducing this book to students because even the most reluctant readers tended to like this story. I read it again when Anna did for her English class. I’ve read it at least a couple of times just for fun. May I just say this: Atticus is my hero!


2. You’ve Got Mail: Yes, the movie is now technologically and stylistically dated, but I never tire of watching it. I’m not sure what it is that attracts me so to this movie. I love almost anything Tom Hanks does. I love the spunk of Meg Ryan’s character. I love the way he woos her in the end. I love the idea of the Book Shop Around the Corner. I love the idea that even if the book shop closes, we can always write our own books. (Yes, I’m a nerd!)


3. The beach: I could go there every single day I have off from work that the weather and temps allow. Wait – I do! My favorite beach image is above.

4. Montreat: There is something magical about driving through the Montreat gate. I instinctively feel myself exhale my stress as I pass through and the next breath I take in feels like peace. I WILL go there this summer, hopefully before June is out.


5. My aunt’s caramel cake: There is nothing fancy about this cake, but it is delicious. I can’t imagine ever turning a piece down. (Not to mention her red velvet cake, or the chocolate pies my sister used to make, or my mom’s biscuits. . .)

caramel cake


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5 thoughts on “Friday Five: Summer Reruns

  1. Now, that's a recipe I would love to have. 🙂

  2. I want the recipe too! And oh, Montreat…I used to mock people who thought it was heaven, and then I spent a few weeks there….heaven.

  3. I've yet to make it to Montreat, perhaps someday I will. (p.s. the cake looks and sounds delish).

  4. That caramel cake looks too good! Will you share the recipe??? Please?

  5. That caramel cake looks too good! Will you share the recipe??? Please?

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