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Monday’s Child: Summer is a-coming

This is the last week of school, or the last part-week. The kids are out today. They have full days Tuesday-Thursday and a half-day on Friday. Then it’s on!

I have very mixed emotions about summer. I was a teacher for 10 years and a student for many years before that, so I’m a pro at counting down the days until summer vacation. Only I’m not a teacher anymore. I don’t get summers off anymore. I now have a college kid and two young kids with lots of free time on their hands. Well, the college kid not so much – she is working some. When Anna was the kids’ age, summer wasn’t a problem. Even though I was no longer teaching, my church job at the tiny church was not so demanding, my time was flexible, and I already worked mostly from home. And there was just one of her. Now I’m in a church that is much more demanding of my time, I have to keep office hours, and there are two of them. Finances are tight and childcare/camps for two are prohibitively expensive. Help!

So far I have two, maybe three VBS/day camps lined up. There is the possibility for a half-week music camp. My parents are wanting the kids to spend time with them some. My session approved my request to work from home one day a week during the summer. So on non-VBS/day camp/grandparents weeks, that leaves three office days with the kids tagging along. Bless them. There’s not much for them to do at the church.

So – movies, puzzles, art projects that can be done largely unsupervised, books . . . Any other suggestions? This could be a long summer.

How many days until school starts back again?


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