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It’s Back: The Room

The room was back in my dream again last night. It’s been awhile since I’ve dreamed about it, and even longer since I’ve blogged about it.The dream itself is not exciting, yet it is so engaging that as I began to re-enter the world of wakefulness, I found myself wanting to stay there, to dream more, to see more.

I was moving into a new house. There was a room at the front of the house that was designated as a formal dining room. It was a long narrow room with a large picture window. The first time I walked in the room, I knew I wanted it as my writing room. I wanted a desk right in front of that great big window.

I’m not much of a hostess/entertaining kind of person, so it didn’t bother me at all to give up the room as a dining room. If you come to my house, we’ll eat informally at the kitchen table, the way that back door friends and kinfolk do. I get nervous about the whole fancy china/silver, tablecloth, candles, multi-course meal thing.

The first time I went in the room, it was completely empty. I was worried about where I would find a desk and other furniture for the room. But when it came time to move in, the previous owners had left some things in the room: a desk, a table, a secretary, a wardrobe, a jewelry box, and one bookshelf. Everything was pushed into the center of the room. Every piece of furniture was as it had been with previous owners – drawers full, shelves full, surfaces covered with knick-knacks.

All I really wanted to do was push the desk in front of the window so I could get started writing, but for some reason I felt like I had to go through everything, sort everything, find a home for everything first. And there was so much stuff!! Some of it appeared to be junk, but sandwiched in between layers of junk were treasures – beautiful jewelry mixed in with cheap costume jewelry, signed editions of novels by my favorite writers tucked in between old textbooks and romance novels. Cash and coins stuffed in some envelopes all mixed in with junk mail. I had to go through everything before I could even begin to start writing!

I was in the process of sorting through the stuff and planning where I would put all the furniture once I had it cleaned out when the alarm rudely wakened me. A quick hit on the snooze button bought me 10 more minutes to ‘work,’ but the dream began closing down.

I’d really like to go back to that room to finish what I began. I want to get it cleaned out and straightened up, get that desk pushed in front of the big picture window, and get to work. What are the treasures left undiscovered that must be uncovered and dealt with before I can sit in front of that big window and write to my heart’s desire?


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One thought on “It’s Back: The Room

  1. That's such a cool dream. Because it's a great metaphor. Writing often means stirring up emotions, memories, associations — all kinds of stuff that needs to get sorted out before we can really put words on paper.

    I have a similar recurring dream. In the dream, I'm just about to move from a house where I've lived for a long time. And then I open a closet door and find all these big rooms — rooms that I could have used, all this space that was there the WHOLE TIME. The emotion in the dream isn't one of regret, but an opening to possibility, and usually the dreams take place when new things are opening and happening in my life.

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