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Monday’s Child: Every Child Is Different

Monday’s child is fair of face . . .

I have to say, every child is fair of face in his or her own way. All children are beautiful. Each one has a unique personality, individual talents, and special ways to drive mom crazy! I am blessed with three children. They are my greatest joys, my biggest challenges, and the ones who make sure that I will never, ever have a dull day. I am thankful. And I happen to believe (although I am bound to be a bit biased) that all three of them are very fair of face!

Anna is my biological daughter. She is 19. Don’t talk to her about turning 20. To her that sounds ancient and is an indication that life as she knows it is over! To that I reply, “No, and yes!” Anna and I have always had a very special, very different kind of relationship. We have weathered some storms together that most could never imagine. Much of what we’ve experienced is kept between the two of us, not out of any secret-keeping efforts, but because that’s just where we’re comfortable keeping it. She has just finished her freshman year of college, is starting a new job, and seems to find every day a new adventure. She’s full of laughter and fun, but she’s also a tough, don’t-bs.-me kind of girl. Some days I watch her handle difficult people/situations and think that I want to be just like her when I grow up.

Feb-March2011 024

My two youngest joined our family through adoption. Mia is my second in order of joining the family but my youngest in age. My mom had a fit recently when I said that Mia is a 30-year-old in a 7-year-old’s body. Then Mia spent the week with her. On the day she came home Mom said, “Your dad and I have decided that she isn’t a 30-year-old, but she’s at least 12-14.” She’s the easiest kid ever, so long as you didn’t just wake her up from a deep sleep; then you have an angry Tasmanian devil on your hands. She’s responsible, sensitive to her own feelings and to those of others, and, I must say, a bit bossy. We’re working on that last one. She loves animals, loves babies, and is my little Mama Mia.

Spring and Air Show 2011 040

Gus is my middle child, just six months older than Mia, and he was the last to join our family. He is the master of mischief and of mess. From the time he was a toddler, I could see him as a little Pigpen (as in, from Charlie Brown), only instead of dust and dirt surrounding him, he had a cloud of mayhem and mess. Did I say ‘had’? Let’s shift that into the present tense. Some things never change. Gus is my most challenging child. He has ADHD. I thank God every day for whatever scientist came up with the formulation for his Focalin. It has changed his school life. It has changed our family life. Is it a miracle cure? No way, but it does give us all the ability to work together and get along together soooo much better. One of Gus’ amazing talents is his ability to create virtually anything from legos. Give him a Lego kit and he’ll have it built in no time. Give him the pieces and another hour or two and he’ll come up with all kinds of creations. I can’t wait to see how that talent plays out as he grows older. He loves life and has never met a stranger. He’s my Mr. Social, making small talk with the waiter/waitress in restaurants. Take that charisma and those sparkling eyes and look out, world!

Spring and Air Show 2011 087


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4 thoughts on “Monday’s Child: Every Child Is Different

  1. Thank you so very much for introducing us to your children!! They are all so beautiful. I love how you describe each and every one.

  2. Thanks Mindy! They're my heart! 🙂

  3. Thanks Mindy! They're my heart! 🙂

  4. Thank you so very much for introducing us to your children!! They are all so beautiful. I love how you describe each and every one.

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