A Simple Look at a Not-So-Simple Life

A Day in the Life

. . . as recorded by tweets.

Things I thought my son knew: Don’t let the dog in the house with a dead mole in his mouth.

Thing my son learned today: If you lock your sister out of the house on the back porch, you’ll get locked out awhile yourself. Not fun.

Thing my children need to learn: You can’t watch annoying Disney shows from the back yard, so turn the TV off!

Thing I’m glad my children know: It’s too pretty to stay inside to watch that stupid TV anyway!

Thing my daughter knows that reminds me of me: Mud pies are fun!

Thing mommy just remembered: I was supposed to buy more stain remover on my last trip to the store. Uh oh.

Thing my children learned: Don’t see how high you can throw a hula hoop while standing too close to a tree.

Enjoying my first ever hockey game with the kids. Fun!

Leaving the hockey game, my 7-year-old Mia said, “I smell man!” Not sure what she meant, but the place was full of testosterone! Lol!

There is NEVER a dull moment!


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