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(My)Friday Five

Over at RGBP, they hold the traditional weekly Friday Five. I have to admit that it’s been months since I’ve participated. I would blame it on Friday being my day off, but the fact is, I’m a slackard blogger!

Thursday is the Friday of my work week. So I thought I’d offer up my own version of Friday Five – a (My)Friday Five. This week it’s a list of some of the things that have been occupying my time and attention.

1) This has been Anna’s spring break week, which means I’ve had my partner back this week. We’ve had fun and she’s been great company. But beyond that, she has also completely re-created our bulletin for church – a much needed change. I hope it will be well received. She put in hours of work and I think it looks great! As a side note, I wish I had the girl’s metabolism. I swear she’s hungry and looking for a snack every two hours, yet she’s skinny as a pole! I vaguely remember those days – and have the pictures to prove it!

2) We had a fun time at our Fat Tuesday Pancake Supper at church. I’m fortunate to be in a church where the people seem to genuinely enjoy being with one another.

3) I’m nervous/excited about our Lenten Season worship services. We’re doing some things that are very different. Each week we will incorporate a biblical character monolog. While I will have a short meditation each week, the heart of the message will come through these monologs. So for Lent, I’m basically not preaching. (I gave up preaching for Lent?!) That is an amazing freeing-terrifying thought!

4) My son has reached an interesting milestone this week. He has learned how to hug! Yes, he is 8. No, he never really has been a hugger. He came home from Guatemala to live with us when he was 20 months old. He was the kind of toddler you pulled onto your lap and he let you hold him, but he remained stiff as a board. As he got older, when he initiated a “hug,” he would approach and simply lean his head – only his head – against your shoulder. That went on for years. More recently, he started hugging the two-arms-around-your-waist kind of hug, but still stiff as a board. Then Tuesday night before the pancakes were served at church, I was talking with a church member and he came up and honest-to-God hugged me. Not stiff. Not rushed. I don’t know who ate up the affection more – me or him! The hugs have been coming ever since. I’m not sure what prompted the break-through, but I love it! It was long time coming.

5) I love my family and I am loving my work at the church. Those two things alone fill my life and my time to overflowing. There’s very little time or energy for much of anything else. Lately, however, I’ve been sensing a strong pull to write. I’ve been hard at work for the last 10 days or so on one project, with about 8,000 words written so far. It’s been a hard project, one that’s actually unbloggable, so I’m not even sure what to do once I’m “done” with it. I have a couple of other ideas for projects floating around in my mind. I’m just not sure how to get to them. Like I said, my family and my church leave little extra time or energy for new projects. I’m trying to find a way, because strong pulls (dare I say calls?) like this rarely go away. Quite frankly, if my experience with such things is accurate, then rarely should they be pushed away. It seems to me that the One who initiates calls also enables them, so I’m keeping my eyes open to those windows of time in my schedule. If it’s a call, then I know there is a way.

So what have you been up to this week? What’s occupied your mind and your time?


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One thought on “(My)Friday Five

  1. I love what you wrote about your son and his hugging! What a joy that must be!

    You are inspiring me with your good, long posts. Makes me want to come up with something to blog!

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