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Gold Nugget Mined from the Twitterverse Today

There are pieces out there that I wish I had written. This is one of those pieces. It made me cry to read it. Literally. Right there in the middle of Cracker Barrel with Gus and Mia looking at me like I was nuts. So thanks to the Twitter friend who posted this link today to the RefineUs blog.

You Are Not

You are not your past

You are not your failures

You are not your parents

You are not your sister

You are not your regrets

You are not your sin

You are not your weight

You are not your divorce

You are not your unemployment

You are not the choices someone else made for you

You are not your brokenness

You are not your bitterness

You are not your abuse

You are not your loneliness

You are not your marital status

You are not your tax bracket

You are not your crisis

This is who YOU are:

You are loved

You are forgiven

You are redeemed

You are destined

You are set apart

You are a new creation

You are valued

You are gifted

You are chosen

You are prized

You are reconciled

You are called

You are noticed

You are pursued

You are a child of The King

You are a co-heir with Christ

You are a royal priesthood

You are adored, cherished and treasured by the God of this universe.

When you choose to stop living out who you are not and you start to live in who you are…

It changes everything.


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2 thoughts on “Gold Nugget Mined from the Twitterverse Today

  1. For some time now I have been saying that what happened with me and the church in AZ does not define me, rather it informs me and to some degree forms me.

    Still, that said, it is a constant process….

  2. Mompriest, my sour ending at Small Church, my divorce, my personal struggles . . . I try to keep them from defining me but the damn critic who lives in my brain keeps trying to convince me otherwise. It is, indeed, a constant process.

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