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Old Injury

When I was a teen, I injured my knee playing football. Yep, you heard me right. Football. Church youth group. Boys vs. girls. It was stupid, but fun. I’ve had recurring problems ever since. Nothing serious, just soreness or a quick giveaway on stairs. Just a reminder that once it was hurt.

Three years ago I developed a severe case of tendonitis in my right foot after the first day of my first MS Challenge Walk. I had walked just 22 miles that day. I would only walk an additional 28 miles over the next two days. It was about 2 months after the Challenge Walk before I walked normally and without pain. It isn’t unusual even now for me to feel pain in that foot. Just a reminder that once it was hurt.

Twenty-two years ago a got married to a man who over the course of our marriage would teach me the meaning of doubt and fear. He shattered my trust and destroyed my self-esteem. He didn’t physically abuse me, although it was getting close. There was a hole in the wall, a door torn from its hinges, and an ominous habit of cleaning his guns when he was angry as warning signals. The day that I left our home for good, I barely escaped. Had it not been for his brothers and mother physically restraining him, I’m sure he would have hurt me then. That was 14 years ago. The divorce was final 12 years ago. A lot of healing has taken place since. A lot. But that phone call from him on Halloween, that all too familiar edge in his voice, the knots of fear in my gut – all are evidence of an old injury. I’m better now. Really. It was just a reminder that once I was hurt.


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5 thoughts on “Old Injury

  1. After all these years he had to call you on Halloween…geeze, masters of hurt, some folks are…really glad you have healed, even if the old hurts surface now and then, at least they come up well within you self awareness….((PM))

  2. (PM)
    So sorry. I am jsut now reading this. But, wow. So sorry.
    Good to know healing has come, but good grief what a jerk.

  3. thanks for the share

  4. thanks for the share

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