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Beetle Bailey

One morning recently I noticed a pile of dirt in the yard beside the driveway. “Please, not fire ants!” was my first thought. I went over to inspect. This is what I saw.

The holeThere at the top is a deep hole. Some critter had worked all  night scooping out dirt – or sand, I should say, since it’s the lowcountry. It reminded me of the little ghost crab holes along the sand dunes, but I don’t live on the beach. No crabs here!

I’ve watched the pile of dirt grow every day. I got Anna to do a little foot modeling to give you an idea of its size now.

big foot Finally tonight we got a glimpse of the critter. It’s some sort of beetle I think. It’s kind of a rusty red color with black legs. It doesn’t much appreciate it when we dribble bits of sand back down into the hole. He’s shy though. This is as much of himself as he’ll show us.

The creature If anyone knows what this critter is, please tell me. Until then, thanks to my father’s sense of humor, we’re calling him Beetle Bailey.


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5 thoughts on “Beetle Bailey

  1. I'm guessing, after a little online research..maybe a member of the geotrupidae. Try your local extension office for more info?

    Says the former entomologist turned preacher.

  2. Dave, you mean this beetle? Not sure where you are preachermom – but some variety of this guy?

    If it were Arizona I'd say ground squirrel….or pack rat

  3. Why, it's the Eastern black-legged sand beetle. Yeah, that's right.
    (Actually, if my dad the entomologist were still living, he could probably tell us, but that's not a talent he passed on to me!)
    Thanks for stopping by tonight, I appreciated it.
    BTW, I'd love to friend you on FB, but I don't know your real name! Please email me!

  4. I'm gonna find the answer one of these days! Until then, the Eastern black-legged sand beetle of the geotrupidae family (nicknamed Beetle Bailey) it is! LOL!

  5. Whatever “beetle” it is…certainly creates quite an entrance to her/his home. Wow…

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