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Ponytails Conquer All!

The Saturday before Easter was Mia’s first real big-girl day out with a friend. Her best school friend, Ellie, invited her to an Easter egg hunt with her church followed by girl time at her house. When I talked to Ellie’s mom, she mentioned something about a church member dressing up as the Easter Bunny. I warned her that Mia is petrified of the Easter Bunny. Petrified! She assured me that Ellie felt the same way and she would make sure the girls stayed clear.

I took Mia to the home where the egg hunt was taking place. They had a beautiful, large field behind the house – perfect for a large egg hunt. I pulled up beside Ellie’s mom. We got out and did the mom thing – programmed each other’s cell phone numbers in our contact lists. About that time the girls spotted the Easter Bunny on the other side of the field. Ellie squealed “Oh no!” and promptly squatted down and hid behind her 17-month-old little sister! Too funny! I tried to get a hug and kiss from Mia as I prepared to leave, but she would have nothing to do with that – big girls don’t need that kind of hovering attention!

I picked Mia up from Ellie’s house some 6 hours later. She’d had a blast and was nowhere near ready to come home. Ellie’s mom pulled me aside and showed me a couple of priceless pictures from the egg hunt. I was thrilled to get copies of them today.

Ponytails Ponytails – Wonder what they were talking about?!

Eleanor and the Easter Bunny 09 Conquering our fears! You go, girls!


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2 thoughts on “Ponytails Conquer All!

  1. I would have been scared of that bunny myself.
    I have a great picture of Melech when I dressed in a “homemade” bunny costume.
    He has his ears laid back, tail 3x normal size and hair up on back. Hysterically funny!
    I will try to post it, if I find it again.
    I am proud of the girls and their bravery. Good sermon ills.

  2. WOW! They did conquer the fear didn’t they!

    If only I could do that clowns….

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