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It Never Gets Old!

One of my favorite Small Town traditions is the celebratory parade when one of our high school teams wins a state title. We grow excellent athletes in this little town so there have been a number of these parades. Today we won not one, but two state titles: volleyball and boys’ cross country. Our girls’ cross country placed 2nd. Volleyball has been in the spotlight for the last three years with state titles. This is cross country’s first title.

The center of Small Town is less than two miles from the interstate. Police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks meet the buses at the exit. The kids pile onto the fire trucks and they ride through town with sirens blaring and horns honking. It’s quite the event. The highlight tonight? The cross country team ran alongside the fire trucks – running their victory lap, so to speak. It was a sight to see!

I think this is my 5th state title parade. It never gets old.

I LOVE this little town!


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5 thoughts on “It Never Gets Old!

  1. I think I remember your writing about this last year…I spent some of childhood in a small town…and now live in one again – only the retirement version, so not much in the way of sports …sounds fun!

  2. There is something special about these celebrations. Glad you could enjoy it.

  3. manBoy runs Cross Country. I can so see the team running instead of riding through town. Alas we will send a couple of individuals, but not the team to state meet next weekend.

  4. How fun and congrats to all the teams!I am looking forward to small town up the road having the “Twice Around” Christmas Parade. They are so tiny the entire parade goes around the route twice.So cute

  5. Oh..that’s really special. I can’t imagine that sort of thing happening here at all…

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