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I Would Have Paid Good Money . . .

. . . to see the chaos in a certain house at the Montreat Youth Conference. Anna is there with the youth group from a sister church. This is her 3rd year to go with them. For two years they stayed in the same house on the main drag. This year they have a new house somewhere behind Assembly Inn. Her only comment on it after arriving yesterday was that it is a nicer house, but it has more bugs. Anna HATES bugs and all creepy-crawly things – especially spiders.

Tonight she was just getting out of the shower (washing off sweat from an upper-90’s day at Montreat – ouch!) when she glanced in the mirror and thought she saw a big spider on the wall behind her. She started screaming as she whirled around to get a better look. It wasn’t a spider. It was a bat. She confesses to yelling “Holy sh*t, it’s a bat!” before fleeing down the stairs.

I learned that much from text messages. Finally she called me to fill me in on the action. The whole crew is now upstairs in her room. One of the chaperones taped a kitchen strainer to the end of a broom. They trapped the bat against one of the windows and were trying to either slide a paper behind the strainer so they could carry it out or somehow drop the bat in a plastic bag. This was a multi-person undertaking, quite complicated, and as of a few minutes ago it was still unsuccessful.

I overheard another of the chaperones in the background saying, “How many Presbyterians does it take to catch a bat?!” I don’t know when I have laughed so hard!


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2 thoughts on “I Would Have Paid Good Money . . .

  1. Found a moment to catch up on what’s happening…love the bat story and your daughter….praying for your family and your sister…yes, I know, what is, is…but prayers can’t hurt with supporting the “what you do with it” part….so prayers…

  2. PM, I’m praying for your sister and all of you.Now there’s something you seldom see–a roomful of shrieking Presbyterians! That poor bat was surely as terrified as they were!

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