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Preacher Mom Catches Up with the Times

I am writing this post from a nifty little sandwich/coffee/ice cream shop with a New Zealand theme in the cute little town next to Small Town. This is my very first public internet time – except for the library, of course. It’s kinda cool! I find myself a little distracted by all the comings and goings, but I’m completely amused by the looks I get from some of the other customers. “Is she eavesdropping or writing about me?” their furtive looks seem to ask.

I’ve been on a quest recently to spice up my work day. At Small Church, no one comes to the church unless it’s for an event of some sort. After my scare over the winter, I spend as little time working there as possible. I usually work from home, from my ‘study’ which is actually a cluttered corner of the kitchen. I’ve been struggling with lack of productivity there recently. The clutter clutters my mind. It makes me want to either get up and do housework or go take a nap. Ugh. So I’ve been moving out to different arenas for concentrated study/writing time in an effort to remedy the feeling of isolation that haunts this solo pastor. Who knows, maybe I’ll even find my missing muse!

I’ve discovered that I can get A LOT done in one of the little study rooms at Small Town’s library. It’s a tiny little room with a window, so I don’t feel claustrophobic. I can leave the door cracked so that I don’t feel so isolated. And being out of sight of the books is a tremendous help for this bookaholic, yet being in such close proximity is comforting. (I’m a strange one, I know.)

Today I decided to try this sandwich shop. It’s small and comfortable. Well, the chair isn’t so comfortable after awhile, but the surroundings are great. They play really good music (a mix of Celtic, classical, folk, etc.) – but not too loud. If I get too antsy, I can always get up and choose a treat from their gourmet homemade ice cream collection. I’ll try to avoid that one, though. This is the kind of ice cream that packs a whole meal’s worth of calories in a single scoop! In the meantime, I’m sipping on a cup of hot tea, listening to the shop owner’s delightful New Zealander’s accent.

I can’t say that I’ve accomplished as much as I would have liked so far, but at least I’m enjoying not accomplishing it! Now . . . let me see if I can reverse that trend. Not the enjoyment part, but the accomplishing part.


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7 thoughts on “Preacher Mom Catches Up with the Times

  1. I bet your muse is in the ice cream!

  2. Doggone it, Mindy! Now I’m gonna have to try some just to see!

  3. Just finished my scoop of ice cream. My muse thanks you, Mindy!

  4. What flavor?

  5. It had a cute name that I can’t remember. The best way I know to describe it would be “Death by Chocolate!”

  6. AHA! we should get together and write a paper on increasing productivity by shifting workspace…I’ve blogged about this a little. Hope it continues for you. When I was teaching, for YEARS I worked in restaurants and coffee shops…

  7. I have a pastor friend whose church didn’t have an office and whose kids were with a sitter at her home so she always worked at a local Panera sandwich shop. I’ve taken her advice and frequent a local bagel shop when I need to get away and get focused. I work with a lovely, small, but chatty staff, so when I need to get something done I have to head out of the office, too. I’ve always worked/studied better in public semi-busy places. I think sometimes it can be a pride thing, “Hey, look at me everyone. I’m smart and studious and doing something very important.” I can admit it. If it works, I’ll use it!

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