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Pediatric Night Clinic

It was our first visit. Our doctor, who happens to also be our neighbor who sometimes makes house calls, was tied up in a board meeting at the hospital tonight. Emily, who had seemed to feel pretty good all day, woke up from a nap coughing. And coughing. And coughing. Three hours worth of coughing, as a matter of fact. Nothing worked – not cough syrup, not her inhaler, not drinking various fluids, not sitting in a steamy bathroom. Even though she wasn’t having problems breathing, I could tell she was beginning to feel panicked. Quite frankly, so was I. So off we went to the Evening Pediatric Clinic in nearby Sparkle City.

I groaned inwardly when I walked in. There were a number of people already waiting. It looked like it might be a long night. Much to my surprise, it wasn’t. I think we waited about a half hour before being called back. The nurse was fabulous with Emily. We were shown to our room – the Green Room. I kicked myself for leaving the magazine I had been reading in the waiting room. I thought I would need it to entertain both myself and Emily. Wrong again. The nurse had not even finished before the doctor came in. He was quick – thorough, but quick. We were in and out of the clinic in about an hour. We usually wait longer than that for a scheduled appointment with our regular doctor!

Since Emily developed pneumonia out of nowhere last year, I was afraid of what we might hear. Good news: her lungs are clear. “Probably wouldn’t be much longer,” said Dr. Ralph, “if she didn’t get started on medication to clear her head congestion.” The bad news: a double ear infection. Ouch! As has been the case with her (many) previous ear infections, she had shown no clear indication of discomfort. I’m glad we got it diagnosed. Hopefully she will feel much better once the medicine is in her system.

I’ll probably make another trip to the doctor tomorrow with Rosemary. I came home from the clinic tonight to find her almost in tears with an earache. She feels rotten. Ian is making the most improvement. He seems to feel pretty good, even if he is still coughing a lot. (Poor guy. It’s tough being the only one who feels good in the house!)

As for me, the coughing that plagued me earlier in the day seems to have let up some tonight. It has been replaced by a drippy, drippy nose and throat. Oh, and my ears hurt, too.

Have I mentioned that this has been a really, really crappy week? If I can pick out any silver lining at all, it would be that next week is spring break in our school district. Maybe we’ll all be well enough by then to have a little fun. I hope.


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One thought on “Pediatric Night Clinic

  1. Oh, hang in there. Illnesses throw everything off, and I’m always surprised at how long it takes things to get back on track afterwards. Be gentle with yourself.

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