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The Crud

It started with Ian on Saturday night. Then it passed to Emily on Sunday night, to me on Monday afternoon, and to Rosemary on Monday night. It is not the flu, or at least not exactly. Sore throat, tight chest, painful cough. Low-grade fever for the older of us and high fever for the young ones. Earaches for the older ones and relentless sniffles for the young ones. Ian is having days with no fever, but still runs a low one at night. The girls, who both have asthma (Rosemary) or asthmatic tendencies (Emily) are having the hardest time with the cough.

Ian and Emily haven’t been to school yet this week and won’t go tomorrow.

Rosemary went to school yesterday, played a soccer game last night (they one and she scored!), and then a half day today before coming home miserable.

Preacher Mom has accomplished NOTHING other than sitting on a couch with sick kids, dispensing medicine and juice, and sleeping when the kids sleep. I’ve cancelled Bible study in the morning. Looks like tomorrow is likely to be a repeat of yesterday and today.

Don’t mean to be such a downer, especially since many of you are heading out for the Big Event. Remember those of us who wish we were there with you and have a blast!


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3 thoughts on “The Crud

  1. You are such a great mom. And yes, I wish you were coming too!

  2. I’m so sorry you have The Crud.Feel better soon, all of you.

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