A Simple Look at a Not-So-Simple Life

And We’re Off . . .

Rosemary’s team played the first official, regular season soccer game this evening against our neighboring county rivals. She played rec league soccer for years with most of those girls, so it was important to her that the team make a good showing. They did, with a 2-1 victory. Unlike last Wednesday’s scrimmage, the weather was perfect with the temperature around 60. That isn’t supposed to be the case for tomorrow’s game though. Rain is predicted. Rosemary is praying for a heavy enough rain to postpone tomorrow’s game since she pulled a hamstring late in the game tonight.

I’ve mentioned on this blog a number of times how much I enjoy watching high school sports. Let me fill you in on one of my sideline idiosyncrasies. I enjoy socializing at football games, basketball games, softball games, and baseball games. But when it comes to soccer, I’m all about watching the game. Please don’t distract me with chit-chat. The moms around me were gabbing so much at the game today that I finally – under the excuse of moving to keep a better eye on Ian and Emily – got up and moved away from everyone. I did return to the hen party during halftime in an effort to keep from being branded antisocial. I hope it worked.


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