A Simple Look at a Not-So-Simple Life

To Sebastiana

Your firstborn is five today! I know you are thinking about him today, wondering where he is, how he is. I wish that somehow you could see those bright eyes and those adorable dimples. You should hear him giggle, something he does all the time. He has this one special giggle that is always – and I mean always – a dead give-away that he is doing something he shouldn’t. He’s been to school today. He got to select a special treat from the birthday box. After morning kindergarten I took him and his little sister to the park. Oh, the excitement! Three of his good buddies were there as well. He’s napping right now, but later we will have a special dinner just for him. He’ll eat the cake I just made – one to replace the cake that our dog swiped from the counter last night. He’ll get presents. He loves presents!

He’s a healthy boy. He’s a happy boy. He’s growing and learning and experimenting. Why, just the other day he learned what happens if you pee into a tub toy cup. You know, the kind that has little holes in the bottom. He didn’t see that coming, but now he knows!

His sister shares his black hair, black eyes, beautiful complexion, and Guatemalan heritage. They are just like twins and they love each other so very much. He adores his blonde-haired, fair-skinned older sister, practically worshipping the ground she walks on.

I wish you could know these things, Sebastiana. You were only a child yourself when you gave birth to him. I pray that somehow you will sense that he is okay. Not just okay, but loved and cherished and cared for. And so on the 5th anniversary of your first birthing day, while you think about him, I am thinking about you.


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4 thoughts on “To Sebastiana

  1. This is lovely, in every way.

  2. Oh I am just sobbing over here.Happy birthday sweet boy.

  3. What a beautiful reflection…thank you for sharing it with us!and for “something completely different” — I’ve tagged you for a meme at my place if you care to play!

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