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In the Dog House

That’s where Scratch is tonight.

You would think that an 11-year-old overweight Lab mix would have a hard time reaching items on shelves and countertops, right? Wrong. We just got home awhile ago to find a big piece of tin foil in the middle of the kitchen floor. Rosemary, recognizing it as the outer wrapper of the chocolate cake we brought home from the farm yesterday, immediately began the search for the plastic wrap inner wrapping and more importantly, the cake itself. Neither are to be found anywhere. This leads us to believe that chunky butt dog consumed quite a few extra (and potentially dangerous) calories tonight. Bad dog!

I put in a call to the emergency vet clinic to see how much trouble we could be in with the chocolate and the plastic wrap. Their opinion is that she was not likely to have consumed enough chocolate for her body mass for it to be dangerous. The plastic wrap is likely to make an ‘appearance’ soon. (You know the routine, don’t you Songbird?!)

I am relieved at the initial prognosis, but doggone it (pun intended), that was really good cake! Grrrrr!


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5 thoughts on “In the Dog House

  1. Just keep an eye on things, and if you feel anything is not right, better to pay for the vet visit than be sorry later. The problem with plastic wrap is it won’t show up on x-ray (or very unlikely to do so), so keep an eye on how she is behaving. Hope it all “comes out” okay!

  2. Well you have a dog that know what it wants!!

  3. Oh Lord, I know the routine too. It may take several days for the plastic wrap to make a return appearance, so stay alert.(It could go in either direction, too. I’m sorry to be so gross, but be prepared.)

  4. hope it all moves through just fine.

  5. Well you have a dog that know what it wants!!

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