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Same Kind of Dream – Different Details

Last night I dreamed that we were having a special worship service at Small Church – some kind of installation service for the person who last held the position I am interviewing for tonight. The senior pastor from that church – who intimidates me by his brilliance in real life – was also taking part in the service.

The entire sanctuary had been rearranged to accomodate a children’s choir/drama team/dance team that opened the service with some rather unusual songs/dramas/dances. As soon as they were done, the three of us moved to the front. I held in my hand a bulletin for the service – a bulletin that I had never seen before and that would not open. I was in charge of the service, but had no clue as to what came next.

Finally, intimidating pastor leaned over and whispered to me, “It’s time for you to read the scripture.” Embarrassed, I whispered back, “What passage?” He answered, “The Wisdom.” I walked over to the pulpit, which had been moved to the side and was practically hidden by various drama team props. It was turned, so I had to squeeze in through a tiny space. I barely made it. I began flipping through my personal Bible looking for the scripture I was to read. (You need to know that in real life I am absolutely compulsive about marking scriptures ahead of time. One of my biggest fears is flipping through the Bible trying to find a particular passage, being unable to do so, as an entire congregation watches.) The lights in the sanctuary were dimmed and I couldn’t see well. Of course I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I put my Bible down and started looking in the pulpit Bible. Someone turned on more lights, so I could see this time. This Bible was written in another language. I was at a complete loss as to what I should do. I kept looking and trying to interpret this strange writing. Finally, a young African American teenager came to the front reciting the passage in a strange tongue. Then he recited it again in English. (I wish I could remember what he said now. It was nothing I had heard before.) There are a few other scattered images from the dream – like the organist taking off on a different melody midway through a hymn – but most of them are too fuzzy to reclaim.

I know this is yet another version of an anxious “I’m not ready” dream. I just wonder if there is anything hidden in it that might help me if I only understood it?


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One thought on “Same Kind of Dream – Different Details

  1. Sounds like one of those ‘it’s out of my control’ dreams – all your subconscious fears trickling to the top, as you already indicated. It holds an interesting mix of creativity and tradition – the choir/drama/dance team, the interpretation of scripture, versus ‘intimidating pastor man’, who urges you towards ‘The Wisdom’. I’m just fascinated that you remember all those details!Let your subconsious – and Jesus – deal with all those fears. Just go be yourself.Praying for you tonight!

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