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I Think I’m Going Crazy

This morning as I was in my study making last minute preparations to enter worship, Anna came in looking for a place to leave her phone. “Do you think it’s safe in here?” she asked. “Do you think whoever was here earlier in the week will come back?” So in light of the events from the week, I decided that I would lock my bright, new, sturdy locks on the study doors. I don’t usually lock the study during worship. I don’t like to keep up with the keys. Still, I took the one study key off my key ring and put it in my pocket. Later after worship, I was speaking to folks as they left when Anna approached. “Did you lock the study?” she asked. “Yes,” I answered, reaching in my pocket for the key. “I won’t need it,” she replied. “The door is standing wide open.” As soon as I sent the last person off with my blessings, I went to the study. Nothing was moved. Nothing was missing, as best I can tell. And it smelled like cigarette smoke.

So, did I forget to close the door behind me? Did the door not latch? Did someone really go in there during worship? Was I just smelling the lingering cigarette odor leftover from hugging a smoker? Or am I just going crazy?

We walked back over to the house and hopped in the Mommy-mobile to go to lunch. The first thing I noticed was that my driver’s seat was much further back than I keep it. Much further – I could hardly reach the steering wheel. The second thing I noticed was the faint odor of cigarette smoke. Then upon closer inspection we found several short gray hairs on the back of my seat. I wish I could say that I don’t have any gray hair. What I can say is that what gray hair I do have is covered nicely with my natural hair color, with a few red highlights added in. And my hair isn’t short.

I always try to remember to lock my car, even in my own driveway. Did I forget? The kids and I went to Greenville last night. My seat was fine then. No one else drives my car. Did I accidentally hit the control button getting out last night? Or am I going crazy?

Or maybe we just have a ghost – a gray-haired, cigarette-smoking, holy ghost who walks right through locked doors.

Or maybe I’m just going crazy.


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3 thoughts on “I Think I’m Going Crazy

  1. This worries me, and I don’t think you are going crazy.Please be careful.

  2. That is pretty scary, and I am with cheesehead.

  3. That is pretty scary, and I am with cheesehead.

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