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Checked Out?

All was clear at the church today, including the air quality. I met with my Bible study group at 10:00. I did not go over to the church until the first class member arrived. I guess that is one advantage of living next to the church – you can see these things from the comfort of your own home. My (hopefully temporary) new tenant seems to have checked out for the time being. Maybe I scared him/her as much as he/she scared me! I did get new, sturdy locks on my study doors today. I still don’t plan to hang out there too much alone for awhile, but it still makes me feel better.

Last night I dreamed that we turned our Sunday School rooms into bedrooms. They were nice bedrooms – well decorated with antiques and flowers. Anyone who needed a place to stay was welcome to stay for up to three days, no questions asked.

Speaking of dreams, I’ve dreamed on several occasions about hidden rooms at Small Church: one with an entrance from my study (where I hid out of fear in one of the dreams and where I set up a secret room in another dream), one with an entrance from one of the Sunday School rooms (which held all kinds of discarded/hidden stuff from past years in at least two dreams and that was set up as a bedroom in last night’s dream), and a big basement room under the fellowship hall (where a small group of us met in yet another dream. It had windows that you could see out of on one wall, but the windows couldn’t be seen from the outside.) As you see, this theme of hidden rooms at the church has invaded no fewer than 6 dreams over the last year or two, so I figure it must mean something. Any ideas?


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One thought on “Checked Out?

  1. hidden agendas, forgotten purposes, underground (hidden) church — it all makes perfect sense to me.

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