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And It Gets Creepier

I felt really silly earlier today for feeling jumpy when I first got to the church. That’s why I posted the previous blog – to laugh it off. Then the strangeness continued. About 20 minutes after I posted, I was trying to finish up a project so I could leave for lunch. I began to notice a strange, unpleasant odor. I glanced over at Scratch. It certainly didn’t smell like dog, not even dog that may have gotten ahold of foul food. (Which she hasn’t – that I know of anyway.) I sat there, trying to figure out what on earth it could be. It smelled vaguely familiar and it kept getting stronger and stronger. It was a little like the strange odor that was in my study when I first came in this morning, only it was much stronger now. Then it hit me. This is exactly what the unexpected visitor that scared the bejeezus out of me a couple of years ago smelled like – body odor/dirty clothes/haven’t had a bath in a long, long time/cigarettes/possibly remnants of some other smoked substance kind of odor. I froze. Scratch continued snoozing. I couldn’t hear anything out of the ordinary. I quietly began packing my things – the heck with an unfinished project, it was time to leave. Then I felt it, the vibration of the floor. Only this time, instead of the familiar rumbling of a passing 18-wheeler, it was the steady rhythm of retreating steps. Even sleeping Scratch aroused and looked around curiously. I waited another few minutes, then left my study quickly with keys interlocked in my fingers and cell phone handy.

Once I was a safe distance away, I began feeling silly again. I didn’t hear footsteps, I just felt them, but surely that could have been anything. The smell – maybe we need to check for a gas leak or something. Nothing in the church seemed to have been bothered. All of the outside doors had been locked when I checked them earlier. What are the chances . . .

I made a visit to our local community ministry to see if the director knew of any transients who were in the area. There was one – a woman – who came to the ministry a few days looking for shelter. She had been living out of her car. She went ballistic when he told her he would make a few calls to nearby overnight shelters. Apparently she was looking for something more along the lines of a hotel. And he said she smelled strongly of cigarettes and, well, body stench.

My next visit was to the police department, where I told an officer there that I felt ridiculous reporting something because I smelled unusual odors and things just didn’t feel right to me. I thought he’d probably blow me off, but he didn’t. He took a report, chastised me for checking the church alone, especially without first contacting someone to let them know I was uneasy. He said he would much rather one of the officers come, search the church, and find nothing than to have me run into something/someone I might not be able to handle on my own. They are stepping up patrols around the church and manse. I will not be working alone in the church anytime soon.

I filled Anna in on the day’s adventure in our after-school catch-up time. I hesitated to tell her because she gets spooked pretty easily. But since she stays home alone frequently I felt she needed to know of the possibilities. When I finished my story, she told me that last week when she got in her car (parked in the garage) to drive to school, it smelled really bad – like cigarettes and body odor. We always keep the cars locked, even in the garage and driveway. However, the garage has a loft filled with boxes and – get this – an old mattress that’s been there since we first moved in. (Key in to the theme music from The Twilight Zone)

Anybody else out there spooked? Or is it just me?


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9 thoughts on “And It Gets Creepier

  1. I’m glad you went to the police. Please be safe!

  2. you have ever right to be spooked! I am so glad you talked to the police!!! Do you have pepper spray?Start listening to your instincts!!!*starts praying for your safety and for answers*

  3. Yeah, I’m spooked just reading about it.As Sgt. Esterhaus said: Be careful out there

  4. OH yeah. Gave me the heebie jeebies.Trust your intuition. It’s often right in these situations.

  5. Good Policeman. Listen to him.

  6. I was spooked after the previous post, not to mention this one. This is really, really creepy. Be so careful!!!

  7. Oh mercy! That’s right, the police. That’s what they are there for! And you were locked in this second time? when you smelled the smell? so you were locked in with…?yeah, that’s soooooooo creepy.

  8. you have ever right to be spooked! I am so glad you talked to the police!!! Do you have pepper spray?

    Start listening to your instincts!!!

    *starts praying for your safety and for answers*

  9. I was spooked after the previous post, not to mention this one. This is really, really creepy.
    Be so careful!!!

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