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Like Me?

A friend of mine adopted a child from Guatemala about a year after Gus and Mia came home. Marlee was 5 months old when she came home with her new family. She is two now. She and Mia favor so much – the main distinction being that Mia is a big girl and Marlee is pixie-like. While I get to see Marlee’s mom on a regular basis, the kids unfortunately do not see each other as often as we would like.

I was introducing Mia to another friend of mine who is one of Marlee’s neighbors. In order to help her make a connection, I said to her, “You remember Marlee, don’t you?” To which Mia responded, “Marlee like me?”

I sometimes forget that my two youngest children do not look “like me.” I’ve never known if they see that difference yet or not. How interesting, though, that Mia does recognize a kinship with little “Marlee like me.”


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3 thoughts on “Like Me?

  1. I hope our little “like me” girls and boys can get together sometime soon!

  2. Oh, wouldn’t that be a blast! Let’s find a way!

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