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I dreamed last night that I was looking at a new house. It was a nice house – a large one. Large enough for all of the family to be comfortable. I remember it being bright and sunny. While I was in the house looking around, Sandy and Sue Kidd drove up in the driveway. It seems that they were moving into the area and were looking for a new house too. We walked through the house together, noting the various things we liked about it. I followed Sue to the other side of the house, to a door I had not seen before. She pushed it open and we both walked in. It was a medium-sized room with light-colored paneling and bookshelves. There were a couple of windows looking out over the yard. Our eyes lit up. This would be the perfect writer’s study! “I can’t believe I didn’t see this when I walked through the house before!” I told her. She sat down in a desk chair and I sat on a cushy leather chair. “It’s perfect! So much potential!” I said. She looked a little dreamy and said, “It’s virgogio.” I had no clue what that meant. She must have seen the question in my eyes because she then said, “Dreamlike.” I got up to look around more closely. I wanted this room! I could picture what it would look like with my stuff in it, how much I would love spending time there. I noticed another door. Through it was a small hallway, a bathroom, and a bedroom. A suite of my own! A place of my own! I didn’t know if I could ever afford the house or if they would decide to buy it first, but this was a place I wanted to call home.

I stirred from my sleep just enough to grab a pen and paper and write the words ‘virgogio’ and ‘dreamlike.’ I cannot find the first word anywhere – don’t even know that it is a real word or if it is if I transcribed it correctly in my sleep. I didn’t even remember writing the second word down until I saw it this morning.

Yes, the Sue Kidd in my dream is Sue Monk Kidd, the author. While I did not know her well in my growing up/college days, our paths did cross several times. Her husband, Sandy, was my college chaplain and my very best Siggy ever. If I were to name the five most influential people in my life (outside of family), he would make the list. And of course I did see them both last week and I have been reading her latest release, Firstlight.

Okay, Jungian thinkers out there. What is this about? I know that a house is archetypal for the self, but beyond that I’m not sure. And what about this apparently made up word that meant enough that I rolled over in my sleep, fumbled for pen and paper, and wrote it down? While I’ve thought about recording dreams in the night before, I’ve never actually done it.

And by the way, if you happen to run across that house, please let me know. I really do want it!


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2 thoughts on “Dreamlike

  1. If it were my dream, I would be looking at the new house as new potential in my life. What does that “room of one’s own” mean to you? It was not a dream simply about more space (or better outlets!) for your family, but brought into your circle both a guide from the past and an author who might be a guide to the future, too complementary halves on the inner level. About “virgogio”–I would look both at the root of the word and the meaning you are given in the dream. “Dreamlike” is a word we might apply to a vision, isn’t it? For stuff like that I always go to the dictionary and see what in the etymology or synonyms jumps out at me.“Virgo” is, of course, a sign of the Zodiac, “the Virgin.” I would be interested in an understanding of virginity not as purity or innocence but of wholeness. Whether you move to a new physical house or not, there are signs here of a movement toward a beautiful wholeness. What a great dream! Thanks for letting me spend my million years of analysis on it, and please feel free to ignore anything (or everything) that doesn’t feel useful.

  2. Songbird, you have given me a lot to chew on. Thank you so much for your input. I love dreams that run from deep places – the ones that push me to examine and explore!

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