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I’ll Fight the Monsters, Mommy!

I took the kids to our neighboring town’s 4th of July festival this evening. It was a first for the younger ones. Gus has always been more sensitive to loud noises. I’m not quite sure if they frighten him, hurt his ears, or bring back some kind of bad memories from his earliest months of life. Last year, thunder would reduce him to a quivering puddle of fear. This year he is handling such things much better. I decided that he was finally ready for a real 4th of July celebration, complete with fireworks.

We made our rounds through the carnival area and settled on a fishing game for our activity of choice. (Phew! Mom hates carnival rides that are so hastily constructed, torn down, and moved – over and over and over again!) Besides that, the fishing game guaranteed a prize! They each caught a plastic fish and each got to select a prize. Mia chose a brown stuffed doggie. Gus chose a plastic sword.

In the final moments before the fireworks, I wish you could have seen my little knight drawing his sword time and again as he fought off one imaginary dragon after another. He was fearless!

Then it was time for the fireworks. We sat on the cool grass and cuddled in close. With the first big boom Gus  covered his ears and leaned in close. “You doing okay?” I asked. He shook his head yes, but I could feel the battle rage inside his little body. Was he going to be brave and enjoy this new, noisy experience? Or was he going to let the noise get the best of him? I held him tightly and inwardly rejoiced to see that bravery won out.

On the way back home I bragged on him. He was fairly bursting with pride in himself. He knew he had just won a battle. As we drove into the dark of the country roads he offered, “Mommy, if any of those fireworks monsters come back tonight, I’ll fight them for you with my sword!”

My hero!


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4 thoughts on “I’ll Fight the Monsters, Mommy!

  1. How sweet!Bebo has always been the same way…since birth. He is 14 and a bit better now.I always carry those foam earplugs in my purse just in case. They can still hear with them but things are not so harsh.

  2. Savor the times!

  3. Savor the times!

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