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Alpha Cat

Ever since adding Missy to our family a few weeks ago, I have been watching with great curiosity to see how the ranking among family pets would work out. I had my predictions, but didn’t know for sure until yesterday that I would be right.

Lacy is our oldest kitty – 10 years old – and the queen bee. She claims me as her personal servant and often seems to think that she could get by just fine with me and no one else, especially none of those other furry children. She makes poor Scratch (our dog) stand around. She tolerates Rascal, the boy kitty. Sometimes she even likes him, but don’t tell anyone.

Then we brought in Missy, Lacy’s ‘twin.’ They look amazingly alike and share that persnickety calico temperment. To my surprise, it appeared at first that Missy might rule the roost. Now I know better.

I was playing with Missy yesterday when her claw got caught in the fabric of my sweatshirt. I was trying to gently extricate it, but she was none too happy. She growled and hissed and acted quite nasty about it. Lacy, who had been sleeping peacefully on the bed across the room, jumped down, ran to where we were, hissed at Missy, and gave her a correcting bop on the head. (I could almost hear her saying, “No one talks to my Mama like that!”)

Then last night Missy and Rascal got into a minor fray at bedtime. Once again, Lacy jumped down from her perch, chased one down the hall and the other under the bed. She sat in the hall – the neutral ground between them – and dared either one to cross.

Yep. I think I know who the Alpha Cat is!


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2 thoughts on “Alpha Cat

  1. I am constantly awed by all that our pets give us. Don’t you think they are God’s gift to teach us unconditional love?

    The family pet heirarchy is fascinating, isn’t it.

    I once had a calico and she was the most laid back cat I ever had!

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