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This Little Town ROCKS!

I love small towns. Especially this one.

We just had an impromtu parade. Two police cars, three fire trucks from our town and two from our neighboring town, three ambulances – all with lights flashing and sirens blaring. All escorting our high school bus that was carrying this year’s state championship volleyball team. YES! Our girls won!

Word had already spread and people lined the street downtown. I heard earlier today that they won, so when I heard the sirens in the distance I grabbed coats and rushed my little ones out the door so we could make it to the street corner in time. (Yes, I do live right in the middle of town!)

This is the third state championship parade since I moved here seven years ago. The other two were for our baseball team. The first one took place in the spring of 2002. I was still a relative newbie in town and knew nothing about the tradition here. It just so happened that the championship game was played in a town about four hours from home, so it was the middle of the night when the school bus turned off of interstate and began its journey through town. 2 a.m.? Who cares?! They were still escorted by a full array of emergency vehicles with lights and sirens.

I have to say, it scared the crap out of me! These were the early post-9/11 months and everyone was jumpy. I rushed out to my yard in my nightgown wondering if the whole town was on fire, or perhaps if they captured Osama bin Laden in Small Town. I wondered if I should grab Anna and head for the hills or if I needed to report to the local hospital for clergy duty. I stood there completely bewildered by all the noise, the cars, the honking horns, the lights and sirens – until I saw the bus. Then it dawned on me. This wasn’t a cause for fear. It was a celebration!

Two years ago, the championship baseball game was played here in town. That time I got to load up the entire family and join the parade – flashing my headlights and honking my horn as we circled through town.

I can’t help but wonder, if it is this much of a thrill for me – an ‘old’ woman – then how thrilling is it for these kids to experience the excitement and support of the whole community – celebrating THEIR victory!

God, I love small towns!


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8 thoughts on “This Little Town ROCKS!

  1. hooray for small towns! and hooray for learning their graces and rhythms so you are able to celebrate when celebrations come along!

  2. What a sweet story!

  3. OK – Are you in NH? Are you talking about Gilford beating Somersworth in Division 2? Because I live in Somersworth…That would be too weird…

  4. Charming! Small towns are great!

  5. Nope, not in NH. Much furth south than that. Sorry if your team lost, though.

  6. hooray for small towns—and hooray for a parade for female athletes!

  7. And YEA for towns that still care enough to celebrate their young people accomplishments!!Small towns rock.

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