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Out of the Mouths of Babes

Little Gus has had a hard time learning to talk. Changing homes, countries, and languages at the tender age of 20 months didn’t help matters. But he’s finally beginning to make some progress, with hilarious results.

Sometimes I wonder why I was in such a hurry for him to talk. Now he talks, or at least makes noise, all the time. And if he isn’t talking, he isn’t sharing all the family secrets with everyone in earshot. And the questions! Constant questions. He likes to know what to expect out of the day and what is coming next. He is a creature of habit. He knows that he goes to preschool two mornings a week. He knows that he goes to the sitter’s the other times. He knows that one day he goes to church. He knows that Peggy (a dear, dear soul in our church) often keeps him if I am tied up with one of Anna’s activities. He knows that Anna’s basketball games are fun.

So the other day I pick Gus and Mia up from the sitter. Gus begins his quest for knowledge of the things to come.


“No, we’re not going to Peggy’s today.”


“No, Anna doesn’t have a game today.”

“Pizza Hut?”

Oops! Now where did he get that idea??!!


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2 thoughts on “Out of the Mouths of Babes

  1. That child knows his own mind!

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