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Hey – That’s My Daughter!

I’ve said that twice in the last 24 hours, each time in very different contexts.

The first time was yesterday at a local restaurant. I took my 13-year-old, Anna, to get a baked potato (soft food) after an orthodontist appointment. As the waiter showed us to our table, Anna walked on several steps ahead of me. Then I noticed it. A table of 3 men, all older than me, ogling my daughter. My daughter! These weren’t looks that said, “Gee, what a cute girl.” You know what I mean. It frightened me. Even more, it made me angry. I stopped short of their table and glared. Physically, any one of them could have squashed me with their thumb. But when it comes to a mother protecting her young, size doesn’t matter. I didn’t speak a word – not verbally anyway – but they heard me loud and clear. “Hey, that’s my daughter. Don’t bother her. Don’t speak to her. Don’t touch her. Don’t even look at her again.” It is a sobering thought for me. My “little” girl is growing up. She is already grown up enough to attract the attention of grown men. It is only natural to feel protective, but even more so in light of the frightening stories out of Florida these days.

The second time was today. My daughter qualified for the Upper State Track Meet in both of her running events. I live vicariously through her. I wish that someone would have encouraged me to try more sports as a teenager. She runs like the wind. I watched her compete against other runners, some as much as 5 years older than she is. As she won her race handily and then as her relay team won first place, I couldn’t help but say, “Hey, that’s my daughter!”

There’s nothing in the world like motherhood, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Preacher Mom


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6 thoughts on “Hey – That’s My Daughter!

  1. The advice I got from my grandma (whom I now realize is a very wise woman) when I became a dad was, “If you do it right, it will be the scariest thing you ever do. Sometimes you won’t know if you did the right thing for many years. Other times you’ll do the right thing immediately and know it, but you won’t have a clue how you got that brave.” God bless you and your family.XT

  2. Congratulations on the track.

  3. Thanks, XT, for sharing your grandmother’s words of wisdom. She sounds like a wise woman indeed.

  4. Polar Bear, I’ll pass on your congrats. The rascal closed her big toe in the car door this afternoon. (13-year-olds can’t help being so accident prone. Their brains just can’t keep up with where their fast growing limbs end!) Hopefully she will heal quickly. She has a soccer game tomorrow and only one week until the big meet.

  5. There’s nothing in the world like motherhood, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!Oh, I so so so agree 🙂Just reading your post made me smile and smile. It is the BEST thing…

  6. You go girl!(That’s directed to the track star *and* the protective mama bear.)

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