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My Ten Things

Okay, so I’m a little slow. I’ve read with great enjoyment other “10 interesting things” listed by some of my blogging friends. I’ve been mulling over whether I can come up with 10 of my own. Here it goes:

1. I have ridden on the shoulders of a unicyclist, while he was on his unicycle.
2. I shared personal photographs (including photos of the above event) with soap star Michael Damien. He also kissed me good-bye – on the cheek. (Just so you know, I had never watched soaps and didn’t even know who he was before he arrived for an event sponsored by a mall where I worked.)
3. I slept in a Third World Country that was less than 10 years out of a 30+ year civil war, and is still known for random violence – with my apartment door unlocked. (Only once. I figured out how the lock worked by the second night!)
4. I managed to double the size of my family through adoption in less than 8 months. I’m still reeling from all the changes.
5. I was almost arrested in high school for a house.
6. I was once sexually harrassed by an exotic bird in Miami.
7. On that same Miami trip, I was approached by a handsome Latino man in a sailor’s uniform who whispered sweet nothings in my ear. Okay, so I’m not fluent in Spanish and I didn’t understand a word he said to me. It sounded sweet anyway!
8. For 9 months I taught inside a juvenile prison. I don’t know who was scarier – the teenage girls who had been convicted of murder or the thought-processes of the so-called administration there.
9. I once saw a drunk driver approaching from a distance and was able to pull off the road to get out of his way. Funny thing is, there is no way I could have really seen him coming because I was approaching a blind curve at the time. Thank you, Lord!
10. I helped fight a wildfire with a burlap sack. It wasn’t very effective, but at least I was doing something until the firetrucks arrived.


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3 thoughts on “My Ten Things

  1. A great list! You have had quite a varied experience!

    My husband taught at a prison for a while and would totally vote for the scariness of the administration above that of the inmates.

  2. You must, must, must say more about the bird…

  3. You must, must, must say more about the bird…

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