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Ash Wednesday Humor

I grew up in the Baptist church. I didn’t even know what Ash Wednesday was until I was well into adulthood. Until recently, very few Protestant churches in this Southern Baptist dominated Bible Belt observed Ash Wednesday. So tonight was a new experience for me. I participated in the leadership of a community Ash Wednesday Service. It was only the second service of this kind that I’ve ever even attended. It was my daughter Anna’s first.

It was the Methodist pastor who placed the sign of the cross in ashes on everyone’s forehead. As she did, she said, “Remember that from dust you came, and to dust you shall return.” From where I was sitting, I could watch my 13-year-old’s expression as she took this all in. I could tell that we would probably have some interesting conversation after the service about all that had happened.

When the service was over, the other ministers and I (and Anna) went back into the sanctuary to gather our things together. I picked up the pottery container that held the ashes (I’m sure that such a container has a name – I just don’t know what it is!) and examined it. Anna came over to look and asked, “What is that in there, anyway?”

“Ummm . . . ashes.”

As serious as she could be – and as shocked – she exclaimed, “Of who???!!!”

Blessings on this Ash Wednesday!

Preacher Mom


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2 thoughts on “Ash Wednesday Humor

  1. I’m not much more experienced than you are, and also a former Southern Baptist, so the whole thing is still mysterious. Worst moment of the service: sudden realization that I couldn’t remember what to say when I applied the ashes. Best moment: realizing no one else knew either and I could say whatever I wanted!

    “Of who?” I love it!!!

  2. I’m lovin the “whose ashes?” line!

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