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The Start of Something New

This was my very first post over at my original blog. I maintained the “anonymous” stance for a long time, but finally abandoned it as more and more people became friends in real life.

I’m completely new to this whole blogging scene, but I find it quite enticing. Please bear with me as I learn the ropes.

I am a divorced mother of 3, pastor of a small church in a small town in the foothills of the Carolina mountains. If you know anything about churches, small towns, or parenting, then you know that my life is never dull!

I am often torn between my two callings – that of pastor and that of mother. I think it’s fair to say that when it comes to making a choice, my children win every time. Most of the time I can find a way to make the two worlds mesh. Other times . . .

When I think about it, there are many similarities between the two callings. Both are heavy in nurturing others. Both require “on duty 24/7” hours. Both involve the delivery of ‘sermons’ – from the pulpit as a preacher, from my soapbox as a mother. Both are unpredictable. You never know when that next ear infection, fussy spell, mood change, or gosh-awful dirty will come next. (Yes, that goes for my parishioners as well as for my children!)

Just so you know . . . My oldest daughter becomes a teenager next week. My toddlers (a boy and a girl, both under two) were both adopted this past year. When I write about them, or about my church ‘children’ I will change the names. (You know, to protect the innocent, and to protect myself!! Being a pastor, and especially a divorced, female, mother, and non-Southern Baptist in a conservative small town, makes me feel that I live in the proverbial fishbowl. Forgive me for using this as an opportunity to give voice to my truth with a touch of anonymity!)


Preacher Mom


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2 thoughts on “The Start of Something New

  1. Hi! I’m a preacher mom, too! I’ve got three congregations in rural Kansas. We’ll be leaving in a few weeks and moving to St. Paul because my husband is going to begin working on getting PhDeified. We have one child, almost 18-months. We’re seriously considering a second. Well, on the nights when the first one lets us sleep, we consider a second. šŸ˜‰

  2. I am a single mom too. My oldest son is bio, 19, and a freshman in college this year. My younger boys are 4 and 19 months, adopted as infants. Life is crazy and good.

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